Know the Facts

Rape is a violent crime-a hostile attack, an attempt to hurt and humiliate.  It is not the result of “uncontrolled passions”. It can happen to anyone;  students, working women, wives, mothers, children, grandmothers, and even males are the victims of rape.  Rape can happen anywhere and at anytime, in public or in your home, day or night.

Rape is one of the most underreported crimes.  Most rapists will keep re-offending until they are caught,, so it is important to report any kind of sexual assault to law enforcement.


In 80% of sexual assault cases the rapist knows the victim.


Over 30% of cases, the rapist and victim are either acquaintances, neighbors, friends, or relatives.

Sexual assault is very rarely about sex at all, in most cases it is about control for the rapist. An attempted sexual assault can be just as traumatic as a completed assault, the feelings of terror, humiliation, and powerlessness are the same. Sexual orientation is not a factor in sexual assault. Both heterosexuals and homosexuals are sexually assaulted. Reactions to sexual assault vary from person to person. Some become angry while others are emotional. Both are natural and okay. It is the survivors choice whether to report the assault or not. Regardless of their choice, others must respect the choice. Showing support is the best way to help the victim heal.